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White Tops for the Bride

We are 4 months away from wedding day!!! Seriously can't even wrap my head around that. It's getting down to the details and everything is starting to come together. If you could only see the excel spreadsheet my fiancé has going! It's frightening. But he actually enjoys it which could be concerning lol.

I have been getting so many questions about what to wear for bridal events, engagement photos, parties, etc. I rounded up some of my favorite white tops every bride needs. These will stay in your wardrobe even after you're a MRS. and they're affordable. I'm all about splurging on luxury items and special occasions, but tops like these are not something you need to break the bank on. Wearing them with a skirt or pants will switch it up from the usual dress brides typically wear. 

Please send me anything you would like to see next or sizing questions. I always love hearing from you and your feedback is so appreciated! 




YouShould WeaRThat

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