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I've recently been searching through Amazon and have come across so many things I didn't know they carried! They have some amazing fashion finds and designer dupes that are too good to pass up. It can take some digging and reading a lot of reviews to find the good stuff, but totally worth it. Plus their prime shipping can't be beat. Even if prime isn't offered on a specific item you can usually still get it quickly with alternative shipping options.

I've partnered with some awesome bloggers to give away a $750 gift card to Amazon! Perfect timing for Black Friday and holiday shopping. I bet if you got your loved ones (or yourself!) something from this list they would not know it came from Amazon.

P.S. All of these items are fashion related but I had to add one extra thing because its my favorite candle EVER and I just found out they sell it on Amazon!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter!

Happy shopping, xoxo



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