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More Ruffles Please

It's no secret I love ruffles. I would buy something fully covered in them, even if it was the most unflattering thing in the world. But this shirt I can assure you is so flattering!

I also have this top in the pattern linked here and originally wore this a few months ago. (the one I'm wearing is sold out currently) BTW it's only $22.00?!

The one shoulder and ribbon tied around the neck make this top a statement piece that can be dressed up or down. I paired it with a jean skirt, which I am trying to wear the most of until the weather officially tells me to STOP.

These are my favorite hoop earrings and are definitely worth the price tag if you love hoops. There's also a more budget friendly option here. *Make sure you use their code SEMI40 for 40% off.

What are some fall transition pieces you would like to see?!



YouShould WeaRThat

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