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Engagement Party Details

Only 5 months until WEDDING DAY!

We celebrated our engagement in my fiance's hometown this weekend and it was so surreal! We've been engaged for what seems forever (but it's the best time ever!!) and it's finally starting to sink in that April isn't two years away.

I ended up having a huge dress dilemma on Friday morning. I ordered a dress to wear from ASOS that I was so excited about and it just decided to not show up. I'm thinking the holiday had something to do with it. In full panic mode I went to literally every store in Atlanta looking for a white dress, which is extremely hard to find in November. I decided on this Alexis dress which actually ended up being one of my favorite dresses I've ever worn. Yes, it's pricey but this thing could literally be worn as a wedding dress if it had a train, it is THAT gorgeous!! If you're looking for a short dress and want a WOW factor do not hesitate to buy this. It runs true to size.

These shoes I dieee!!! I waited so long for my size! I've never had anything Dior and freaked out over these when they came out. They are a classic and can be worn all year around from casual to formal. I can't wait to wear them with jeans and a big sweater! They are currently out of stock pretty much everywhere online but you can check your local Saks or Neimans to see if they have your size available. I found them on the RealReal here which is such a good place for anything designer resale!

My nail color is one of my all time favorites and currently in the running for my wedding color!

What are some wedding topics you would like to see next? I have some exciting posts coming up! As always, feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want to chat!



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