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Charcuterie Table GROCERY LIST + TIPS

Ready to WOW your guests and look like a chef/ Martha Stewart but not really? Here is how to do it! These are the specific items I purchases from Trader Joe's to create this over the top charcuterie table! Overall, I spent about $130 for the entire table. This could easily feed 20+ people and potentially more if you are serving a meal as well. Similar items can be used or subbed out if you don’t have a Trader near you. Other things can be subbed out as well ie: raspberries instead of strawberries, etc. Key tips to getting this look: do clusters of items (ie: fruit, carrots, tomatoes), spread things out like a fan or in a line (ie: the crackers, cheese slices), spill over the boards onto the table, fold meat in in halves or clusters, and place things going different directions so the overall view is interesting to the eye. Other items needed (paper to cover table, serving boards, ramekins, cheese knives) are linked here!

*I tried to group the list into grocery sections so it will be easier when shopping!*

Charcuterie Table Grocery List:

Green seedless grapes

Red seedless grapes



Cherry tomato mix

Baby carrots

3 or 4 cucumbers sliced (the only thing you actually need to cut up on this list!)


1 or 2 Spinach dips (I got the one made with sour cream at Trader)

Caramelized onion dip (I actually did not put this out but could be added/ in place of hummus!)

Mediterranean hummus


Smoked salmon (I got wild hockeye ready to eat at Trader)

2 or 3 combo charcuterie pack (at Traders its an assortment of 3 meats around $6)

Sharp cheddar cracker cuts (in the long container)

Tray of assorted cheese sliced (at traders it’s the one that’s around $5.50)

Herb Goat Cheese log

Triple Cream Brie (should be around $4)

Brie with mushroom (I specifically tried this one but could just use brie)

Extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar (block, should be around $3)

Olive medley in brine (by the cheese)


Chile spiced mango

Soft and juicy mango

Dried banana chips

Sweet savory & tart trek mix

Plain Lavash flat bread (kind of like pita bread, will need to fold and pull apart)


RG pita chips w sea salt (in a bag)

Pita bite crackers (in a box)

Savory thin mini crackers (in a bag)

Fig & Olive Crisps

Brioche Toasts

Cornichons (in a can, like baby pickles)

I hope this list and tips helps you recreate the charcuterie table! Be sure to tag me if you make it. I can’t wait to see!





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