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Best Sweaters

Happy November!!!

This is the BEST time of year in my opinion and you know what that means... ALLL the sweaters! I like to consider my self a sweater queen. I stock up on them every year and hoard them in my closet until it's time for them to make their appearance. I am so obsessed you will likely see me in them 5/7 days a week from here until February. I always get asked where my favorite places to shop for them are, so I rounded up some of the best sweaters out currently. I do have one go-to store that you will probably notice below is mentioned the most. They hit it out of the park every single year with great quality and insane prices. If you see something you like BUY IT because they don't last long! Also, I tried to keep this list almost all under $100.

The categories below are broken down into 3 sections: basic/plain, design/color, and cardigans.

Let's do some shopping!!




Thanks for reading!




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