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Seaside Look

While on my sweet friend Ashley's bachelorette party I got to wear some last minute summer outfits. We had the best time celebrating her and soaking up every bit of sun!

Unfortunately most of what I wore is now sold out but I will link some similar.

The 2nd top I will definitely be purchasing for fall. It would be perfect for football season dressed up with a skirt and boots if that's your team's color.

This skirt I can't get enough of. I keep wearing it over and over even though I have 5 others. The one linked is a little lighter but similar fit.

A huge thank you to my friend Micah who took pictures of my outfits and didn't complain once.

All of my friends have been so supportive of me starting this blog and I'm so grateful for their encouragement!


YouShould WeaRThat

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