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The Palazzo Pants you NEED

They're back!

I had so many questions about these pants from my insta stories a few months ago. Zara finally brought them back again and in new colors. I would recommend sizing down. They are so flattering and perfect for traveling or on the go. I think I've worn these to the airport 10 times since I got the original ones last year!

Does anyone remember when they used to call these gauchos?! I remember wearing these back in middle school and my friends making fun of me. They're now "in" and I've been so on board.

*These are older style*

Now they're referred to as palazzos or culottes. Culottes are more structured and wide leg, where as palazzos are flowy and loose. Either way it's a trend you should try out even if you don't think it's your style.

You won't be sorry purchasing these for only $35! 


YouShould WeaRThat

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