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Holiday Gift Guide for HIM

The rush is on to get last minute shopping done before CHRISTMAS! This holiday gift guide for him will hopefully make that a little easier for you. The majority of these items are things that my husband or brother own and love! I'll explain why and a little more about each item below.

1. Weekend Travel Bag: This type of bag is on my husband's wish list this year. He is always asking to use my bags for the gym or for a weekend trip when he doesn't want to take a rolling bag. I found the perfect one that is masculine but still fashion forward.

2. Sonos Speaker: If you don't know what Sonos are, you need to jump on the train! It's arguably the best speaker on the market. You can start out with one and add more if you want to put them in different rooms throughout your house. If you come to our house my husband has them everywhere! They're perfect for the man who loves his sports and music a little extra loud.

3.Le Labo - Santal 33: I'm getting this for my husband this year to switch up his cologne. They describe it as a fragrance that captures a defining image of the spirit of the American West and personal freedom. Basically, it smells amazing.

4. Ugg Slippers: I got these for my husband last year and they might be his favorite shoes he's every owned. He says, "they keep your feet warm but don't make you sweat like most slippers."

5. Airpods: My brother has them and loves them. Perfect for the gym lover or traveler.

6. Peter Millar Vest: My husband loves Peter Millar everything. He's getting this vest for Christmas.

7. Peter Millar pullover: Same story - this pullover is perfect for any man in your life.

8. Gucci loafers: Spurge item. 100% worth it. If the man in your life is a business man or enjoys looking his best, then these loafers are the perfect gift. Timeless and last forever. My husband has multiple pair and they are still in great condition after 3 years.

9. Personalized Whiskey and Decanter Set: My husband loves personalized gifts, especially drinking glasses. You can't go wrong with these . They are great to display around the house as well.

10. Bleu de Chanel: My brother's favorite scent he's worn for years.

11. Brioni Tie: One of my husbands favorite designers for ties. If you're looking for a nice gift for your man this is something he can keep forever. I also love adding personalized embroidery on the tag/back side to remember the occasion.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!




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